October 2019
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AI Top 6 Results – A Very Special Episode of Punky Brewster.

What’s worse than a results show? A results show for an AI performance week that I wasn’t all too thrilled with. In retrospect, Shania Twain week was bland for me – no one had a true “moment” (although Casey came close). And while I like Shania, I could have maybe done with an all-Reba night. [...]


AI Top 6 – Insert Country Joke here

AI Shania Twain week! I usually hate country week – something tells me I am not going to like t much more when it’s just “Shania Twain” week. Country music even more narrowly defined. Yea.

The intro for this week’s show is over the top; everyone lined up while Ryan describes them: “A Painter, a [...]


AI Top 9 – Rainey Quinn is in the building!! Elvis, though, has left.

I’m watching American Idol this week with a very special guest star – Rainey Quinn! Eight-year-old AI savant Rainey is the daughter of our AI Pool, Amy Gentry and boy does she love Justin Beiber. I will be asking her opinion on all of the Idols as we watch and relaying them to you, my [...]


Introducing Schedule A Consulting!

In this time of record unemployment, quitting a job is not the smartest move in the books. Especially if you happen to have a career managing the arts, which have been especially hard hit in recent months. Furloughs, reduced staff and pay cuts abound. Add to that, the level at which I walked away from [...]


My life in craft

Sorry it’s been a while – a few quick updates on the life sans emploi: the reunion, while awesome, took a toll on my system – three straight days of staying up past midnight (one until 3am) makes for a long recovery period. I had a blast catching up with everyone (how many times can [...]


Reunion time!

Reason 512 is getting ready to go back in time – to my 20th High School Reunion this weekend in Spring, Texas. Back to a place where big hair and shoulder pads ruled the fashion landscape; back to a time when I was “boy crazy” to quote a good friend (I’m talking about you, Mr. [...]


Macs are not 100% infallible

Yesterday was a huge day for me – I finally figured out to transfer all 8,511 songs on my home PC to my new MacBook. Complete with with play counts, playlists, ratings, etc. It was not as easy as Justin Long would have portrayed on those “I’m a Mac” commercials. Somewhere, John Hodgman is laughing.



Getting a groove on…sorta.

So I am entering day 20 of not being employed. So far so good. I am trying to keep a routine going, but the routine is not fail proof. I find if I have at least one thing on my to-do list, written large and in Sharpie, hopefully, I’ll actually accomplish it. By and large, [...]


Three Months! Sorry!

I know, I know. It’s been three whole months since I’ve last posted. Trust me, there are many reasons why my last post was June 15th. I’m not that lazy, I swear. Lot’s of shit has gone down since June – too much to write up on the ol’ blog or on Facebook.

But I’m [...]


The night we met Lyle Lovett

Recent Facebook Quizzes have prompted me to post the story of a fabled meeting between my family and Lyle Lovett. After listing in a poll five celebrites I’ve met, a friend asked for the story and I realize, it was too long for a quick FB Comment….enjoy the story while listening to “If I Had [...]