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2014 Oscars – go big or go home

2013′s Oscar part wil go down in history as the first time my party could drink (it was my 21sr year hosting a party). But 2014 will be EPIC as it wll mvoe to West Seattle’s Feedback Lounge.

Updates on nominees and drinks will be found at the Current Oscars page.


2011 Oscar Page is here

Well, how sad is it that I haven’t updated this site in one full year. Sigh.

Ah, who cares, IT’S OSCAR SEASON!!! Time to start planning the drinks and making the ballots.

You can find my 2011 Oscar Page here complete with 2011 downloadable ballots. Bingo Cards are coming soon…I’ve got to go and replace [...]


2010 Oscar page is here!

Ah, February! The days are getting just a teeny bit longer and there’s magic in the air….who am I kidding? February means nothing but OSCARS!!

For those of you who do note know me, I’ve been hosting an Oscar party for what seems like centuries. You can scroll through my entire history of hosting Oscar [...]


AI Top 2 Finals – Where is My Wind/Dream/Bad Metaphor Coronation Song?

You know something is off with American Idol’s ratings when the promo right before the show starts touts “Stay tuned for Glee…but first it’s down to Crystal and Lee…” Seriously? You’re pushing an all-new Glee as the highlight of the night, not the finals of AI? Yeesh.

On a separate note before we begin, I [...]


AI Top 3 Results – Power Outage

OK – so I come home today and at exactly 4:58, the power goes out. One of the major inconveniences of the LFP (that’s Lake Forest Park to you non-Seattle peeps) is that the slightest wind blows and BAM – no power. So I have options at 4:58 – Do I throw away the red [...]


AI Top Three – Why Can’t The Judges Pick BOTH Songs?

We get the intro from Ryan, introducing their hometowns, Love the fact that Casey is from Cool. After teasing Lee to smile and doing a little step-dancing to seem taller than Casey, Ryan let’s the Idols shout out “This is…..AMERICAN IDOL.” And the three remaining contestants can’t event muster the same enthusiasm Ryan brings every [...]


AI Top 4 Results. The Cheese Stands Alone.

We open with a package intro that feels more like a trailer than an AI opening. Le Sigh. 37 million votes! Highest of the Season? For those performances? Thankfully, we only get a few moments of Jamie Foxx in the oackage and he does not appear for the rest of the show – and there’s [...]


AI Top 4 – We’ve got to get Simon to see a movie or two…

No spoilers this week from MJ – sorry gang! But we get confirmation from Ryan quickly that we will have duets this Top 4 performance. I guess it makes sense for Jamie Foxx to mentor movie music night, but I still kind of wish Harry Connick, Jr would come back this week seeing how he [...]


AI Top 5 Results – Bye, bye Goldilocks. Scratch that – bye, bye Baby Bear.

Another week, another results show. I swear, these do not get any easier, especially knowing how much of the hour-long fest will be chockfull of non-results stuff. Like Lady Gaga performing. Can we just do 45 minutes of Harry Connick, Jr stand-up and then cut to the results. Alas, no. Lady Gaga and Group sings [...]


AI Top 5 – How mad am I that no one did “It Had To Be You”??

Word on the street is Harry is arranging the songs tonight – do you think he’ll sabotage anyone by making a bad arrangement? He is crazy talented. When Harry is introduced, he makes Ryan look positively….say it with me: Lilliputian. I love that he is accompanying the kids. Something tells me we will not be [...]