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All Things Oscar Party!!

I’ve been obsessed with movies for as long as I remember.  While other kids had photos of Duran Duran on their walls, I had a collage poster of Laurence Olivier on my wall.  I was always checking off which older, classic movies I had not seen and seeking them out at video stores and off-beat cinemas in downtown Houston.  I can’t remember the first Oscar telecast I ever watched, but I do remember some classic moments – I remember Jane Fonda accepting for her father in 1981 for On Golden Pond (and Katherine Hepburn not appearing, much to my dismay, for  winning Best Actress the same year).  I remember Sally Field winning for Places in the Heart and her exuberant speech – even though at the time I was not familiar with her Flying Nun and Gidget past that would have explained her neediness.  I didn’t know what chutzpah was at 12, but I knew Shirley McClaine had it when she gave her 1983 acceptance speech for Terms of Endearment. That took balls (for the record, she ended her speech with “I deserve this” and seriously, who could argue?).

Since 1992*, I’ve been hosting an Oscar Party.  Sometimes, I count the 1991 Oscars as the first party when Brad Langford and I watched The Silence of the Lambs sweep the Oscars.  But honestly, that was more of a fluke and less of a party.  So I count 1992 as the first party.  I was living at 517 W. Summit – the Sigma House near the campus of Trinity University.  It was the first time I had roommates in 2 years.  I forced Rachel and Lisa to watch the show with me and I made Spaghetti.  The next year, I was living on Thelma Drive in a duplex and I invited the entire Majestic Theatre office over along with old pals from Trinity – Schindler’s List was the big winner of the ’93 Oscars.   Although I did not serve themed drinks for that party, I do remember Jeff Daniel and Lisa Dickinson getting into a whipped cream fight.  Classy indeed.  The ’94 Oscar party was low key, but the ’95 party was the mark of something new – it was the first year I served themed drinks, thanks to living at home and my dad’s suggestion to make Tang Martinis in honor of Apollo 13.  The 1997 Oscars mark Craig’s first foray into hosting, as well as the first year of full-on themed drinks for all Best Picture nominees (Iceberg Margarita’s anyone?).  Moving to Seattle in 1998 did nothing to diminish the event,

So in an effort to keep track of every party, this will be my database of all things Oscar.  Feel free to peruse it all – whether you’ve  actually experienced the party for yourself or not.  And feel free to be inspired to host your own party!

Current Oscars

Past Oscars

* OK, let’s get this straight.  The 1992 Oscars were given out in March of 1993.  This is a point of confusion with a lot of people.  I always talk in Oscar year, not the year the ceremony takes place.  So don’t go emailing me saying “But Anne, you didn’t live at the Sigma House in 1992.”  I know I didn’t, but I did live there for the 1992 Oscars in 1993.  I’m a stickler for accuracy….