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AI Top 3 Results – Power Outage

OK – so I come home today and at exactly 4:58, the power goes out.  One of the major inconveniences of the LFP (that’s Lake Forest Park to you non-Seattle peeps) is that the slightest wind blows and BAM – no power.   So I have options at 4:58 – Do I throw away the red beans and rice I’ve started, wait for Craig to come home and then head out for dinner?  Or do I try and keep the Andouille Sausage cold in hopes of at some point making the red beans and rice later in the night once the power is back on.

But let me tell you – it didn’t cross my mind that I would be upset about not seeing the results show.  You see, I always check out who is going home before the actual results show starts – and in this case, I knew my trusty iPod would eventually tell me who was gone and who was going into the finals on AI.  If the power does not come back on, I could eventually see the show online.  And, of course, once the power came back on at 7:17, I checked my iPhone, found out the Casey James was going home and went about making my red beans and rice (which takes two freaking hours, mind you).  I guess this shows you my priorities tonight, and AI is not necessarily on the top of that list.

So as I sit down at 11:06 to finally watch the show on my Tivo, I can promise you I am fast forwarding through Justin Bieber and whoever the hell Perez Hilton “discovered”’s performances.

Ryan introduces the Idols and it looks like Crystal is wearing a vagina shirt.  I’m sorry.  It does.  Casey’s wearing the silly bun-ponytail.  Less is just a blob who can barely answer questions when asked.  Man, I am in a foul mood.  He wasn’t that bad. But the pimpage of him is just too much.  When he’s asked if he thinks he could win, the obligatory applause starts in – even Ryan’s voice get’s higher pitched.  TPTB have their chosen one.

My god, the judges look positively bored when Crystal talks about her diabetes. But she does get in a little bit of a health care dig, saying she’s never had the care before that she’s had with AI.

What is up with the mics on this show?  It still dumbfounds me they can barely handle live mics.

Casey gets the first homecoming…but first, the Ford commercial.  Iggy Pop’s Wild One….the sad thing, none of them are wild ones.  Child, plz.

Back to Cool, Texas, home of Casey James.  He still carries his luggage and guitar!  Casey is single!  I think a lot of people forgot Casey’s story about not being told he would ever be able to play again – thank you Casey for not Danny Gokey-ing that storyline and keeping it classy.

Who the hell is Travis Garland?  And why do I care if Perez Hilton discovered him.  Meh.  Fast-forward.

Crystal’s hometown visit is next and we are off to Ohio.  She has the Harmonica from this week’s performance with her on the plane.  OMG – Crystal has crazy fans….fans who scream at the sight if her at AT&T stores.

One thing I am noticing is the throngs all have pre-printed signs – we did not have those when we saw Blake Lewis at Westlake Center!  Damn, we wuz gypped.  I also notice they are playing CCR’s “Fortunate Son” when Crystal goes home…is it me or is a song about Vietnam an odd choice for a homecoming.  And why do we get to hear Crystal perform but not Casey?  Pimpage.  And they play an original song of hers as well?  Double pimpage.

Now for Lee’s Chicago homecoming!  Lee gets the only Sports sowing – throwing out the first pitch for a Cubs game.  Good for him!  I didn’t realize Lee had such young fans!  Lee pretty much cries the entire time he is home…His parents are very cute.  The Swaybots have followed Lee to Chicago.  Maybe they will stay there and not grace the audience at the Nokia.

Totally fast-forwarding through Justin Bieber.  Sorry, Rainey.

Back to the results.  Lee is the first declared making it to the finals.  Crystal is confused, wonders if she is safe and tells Casey to keep playing.  Casey is asked to sing Daughters without the guitar.  Does he know the little girl he picks up?  Or is she just a fan?  She must be from Texas with those giant bows in her hair.  No one outside of Texas wears such large hair accoutrements.  And we end with Casey taking off his shirt again.  Poor Casey.  He never had a chance.

And there we have it.  Next week’s final is Lee vs. Casey.

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