May 2010
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AI Top 4 Results. The Cheese Stands Alone.

We open with a package intro that feels more like a trailer than an AI opening.  Le Sigh.  37 million votes!  Highest of the Season? For those performances?  Thankfully, we only get a few moments of Jamie Foxx in the oackage and he does not appear for the rest of the show – and there’s no mention of those damn T-Shirts.

We have performances from Fantasia, Daughtry, Bon Jovi…at least far more relevant than last week’s Lady Gaga performance.

Fantasia in tha house!  OK, I love ‘Tasia.  Love her.  The irony of her performing on the movie night, when she herself did Summertime back in her season during movie week and BLEW THE ROOF OFF is not lost on me.  And then she starts singing this drivel.  She is so above this song.  She still channels Mary J. and I think she has a gift, but girl has got to get some better songs to sing.  This was a Diana Ross/Dionne Warwick throw-away.  Side note: Craig thinks she looks like a Terrier, with her hair in eyes.

I think Casey is wearing the same thing that Lee wore last night!  Time for the Ford Commercial.  Casey in lederhosen!  Crystal in a kimono!  Wacky!  I hope this I our last Ford commercial, although they have not been bad this year – they are still forgettable.

Next up, we see a recap of  past Top 3 Idol trips home.  Wonder if we’ll see Andrew, Lora and I at Westlake Center when we saw Blake Lewis during his homecoming.  (Yes, I am admitting we were there.  Do not judge.).  I think we saw more Danny Gokey than anyone else during that montage!  Ugh.  Blake only got the backside at a Mariners game – what a gyp!

Some quick interviews with the Top 4: Aww..Mike is missing his puppy.  And the Salty Sea air of St. Petersburg.  Crystal wants to see her family and wants to play a gig with her bass player.   Lee just wants to go home.  Casey wants to smell Texas air and hear a bunch of people say y’all (Casey – why don’t you just read my blog –I say y’all all the time!).

Wait, the families are not on stage?  WTF?  That seems cruel.  On to the results – in no particular order!!  Mike vs. Casey:  Mike admits he picked that piece of crap song.  Crystal vs. Lee: Crystal admits Once is her favorite movie.  After the nationwide vote….Casey is safe…..he looks very confused…as does Crystal.   Wow….everyone looks a little bit shocked.

Time for Daughtry.  I was not a fan of Chris back in the day…I thought he was angry and arrogant.  And now he is Nickleback lite, but what am I to say?  Dude is making millions with his Top 5 vote-off, so who has the last laugh?

Back to results – Big Mike is next.  Anyone else notice Big Mike say that singing the MJ song was “Not tough?”  Lee is asked if his performance was Karaoke and he says no, but he could have done more with the arrangement.  Why does it take Lee 5 minutes to answer a question?  Who is safe next?  Lee.  Well this is so not exciting….of course Big Mike is going home (and not in the proverbial going home for the taping way – he’s going home for good).  I might as well just end the recap here.  Bon Jovi performs,  Rayn vamps, good bye Mike, yada, yada, yada.

The good news?  I still have a shot at the Top Three Pool!  And who do you think will have the biggest coming home of the Top 3?  My vote?  Casey….we Texans always do it up BIG!

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