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AI Top 4 – We’ve got to get Simon to see a movie or two…

No spoilers this week from MJ – sorry gang!  But we get confirmation from Ryan quickly that we will have duets this Top 4 performance.  I guess it makes sense for Jamie Foxx to mentor movie music night, but I still kind of wish Harry Connick, Jr would come back this week seeing how he actually cut his teeth on soundtracks (When Harry Met Sally, anyone?).  Plus, I miss his awesomely funny-sarcastic quips.

Jamie has a tattoo on his head – who’d a thunk?  And Jamie has a gimmick – T-shirts! My, we have come a long way down from Paula’s Star necklaces for the contestants.   It seems like it’s a lame gimmick we’re going to endure all night.  Plus, Jamie is all wrong.  America does not want artists.  Hell, even the judges don’t want artists – If that were the case, Danny Gokey would have not made the top 10, let alone top 3 last season.  They are always talking about who is “in it to win it” and they are constantly berating contestants for doing things too “artsy.”

Lee DeWyze is up first singing “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal.   For the millionth time on AiI  Yawn.  Didn’t Mike sing this a few weeks back?  Oh wait, he just made that “Hero” song sound like this song.  I’m sleepy…I am not feeling this; he’s sharp at the beginning. And when finally he goes into full constipation mode, I am not into the performance at all.  I do not know why they are pimping Lee so much…I mean, I like him, but he is not doing anything exciting with this song.  And at some point, dude has GOT to dress better.

Simon- if there are so many movies and so many songs to choose from, why was the AI list so fucking lame??  Stop complaining about the choices of the contestants if they have to chose from a list of crap that you and your producers chose, m’kay?

Michael Lynche is next, singing a Michael Jackson song.  Big Mike gets the pimp interview.  He’s singing “Will You Be There” from Free Willy.  Damn.  I really wanted him to sing “Let The River Run” he would have killed that song (in a good way).

Jamie – I need a word with you.  Please don’t encourage the crazy part of Big Mike by asking him to dance.  He’s reined is in as of late and now you’re taunting his clowny side to come out?  For shame.

New drinking game – How many pointy poses will Mike do in this song? They are bring out a mini choir for this song…are TPTB changing their tune?  Are they now throwing their weight behind Mike?  I am not a fan of this song, but Mike did it well – say what you will about Mike, but he is always in tune.

Kara should not be commenting on Mike being safe while she’s in that outfit.  And Simon should not be making Free Willy cracks….really, what kind of entertainment executive has not ever heard of Free Willy?

Lee and Crystal sing a duet next: Falling Slowly from Once.   This should be good, but I loved Kris’ take last year on this.  I am not a fan of the splitting up of the lyrics, line by line, going back and forth between the two singers…it loses something for me…this is really a Glenn Hansard song with back up by Marketa not a shared duet.  Nothing about this version is about falling slowly…it’s more rocked-up and it does not work for me.  Maybe it’s because that film is so delicate and the quiet – to turn that into something alt-rocky?  Not feeling it.  I guess I am in the minority here – even Craig liked it.

Casey James – Simon and Garfunkel’s masterpiece “Mrs. Robinson.”  With a mandolin?  And in the swaybot pit?  Noooooo!  Wait, this is working for me….It’s an odd choice for tonight…but I like the minor key changes he uses to good effect.  Oh great, Randy starts baiting the Kara as Mrs. Robinson storyline.   Simon’s going to say it sounded like a guy in a dorm room, strumming his guitar.   What was Jamie mumbling hen Simon mentioned it was lazy?  I didn’t think it was lazy….he made it seem easy and it was not bombastic (like the previous duet was for me).

Crystal Bowersox “I’m Alright”  Now, I am EXCITED about this one!  I’ve always wanted someone to do this song on AI.    Confession – Caddyshack was the first R-rated movie I saw and I saw it with my parents and brother at a drive-in theatre in East Texas.  Crystal cusses!   I think this is the first time I’ve actually understood the lyrics.  This is an odd arrangement – this is not a song to fuck with too much – people like the song!  There’s affection for it!  It’s never been done before on AI! Don’t fuck with it!  (“A Kiss From a Rose” though – please fuck with it – it’s been done to death on this show)

Crystal needs a new boyfriend who does not wear Apollo Creed pants.

Casey and Mike sing a duet now – Bryan Adams “Have You Really Ever Loved a Woman?”  Casey’s guitar playing is awesome!  I hate that song.  Really, really hate that song.  But I loved their version…Casey is an awesome guitar player, Mike sounded good and I like how they shared singing/guitar playing.  all in all, as good as that could ever sound.  And I hate that song.  Really, really hate that song.

Well, I have no idea who is going home now…again.  Did it seem like Jamie Foxx mentored more towards the camera and not so much to the actual AI Contestants?   I miss Harry!

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