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AI Top 5 Results – Bye, bye Goldilocks. Scratch that – bye, bye Baby Bear.

Another week, another results show.  I swear, these do not get any easier, especially knowing how much of the hour-long fest will be chockfull of non-results stuff.  Like Lady Gaga performing.  Can we just do 45 minutes of Harry Connick, Jr stand-up and then cut to the results.  Alas, no.  Lady Gaga and Group sings it is.

What does Lady Gaga have to do with Frank Sinatra?  Will someone please shed some light on this?

Simon is wearing a sweater!  Maybe someone told him his look last night was a little bit risqué with the Henley open down to his treasure trail.

GROUP SING!  Yea, pointy poses.  And yet, is it still pre-recorded?  WTF?  Why won’t they let these peeps sing live in the group sing?  Lip-synching sucks.  I think Crystal is live, maybe…but everything else is so not live.  Especially Aaron during his solo.  And Mike during his solo.  And Casey – Damn, if Casey sounded like that last night, he might not have landed on everyone’s must go home list last night.  Am I insane that I think Crystal is the only one not pre-recorded?

Hey Bob – at least Lee’s not wearing a skinny tie!  Crystal borrowed it tonight.

Jamie Foxx is the mentor next week for movie night.  I kind of liked him last season.  I hope he doesn’t perform that lousy song he sang last season during the results – “Blame It”…ugh.  What an awful song.

The Ford commercial is a bit twee this week – kind of like Crystal’s Shania Twain week performance.  But the thought of Casey + Crystal in love (like at the end of the commercial) = super talented guitar-strumming baby.

Next up – A retrospective of the Idols and how their lives have changed since Idol.  Oh my god – I want to be an Idol Judge stand in!  How do you get THAT job!?  I would totally kick ASS at that job.  I already do it from my couch every Tuesday night!

back to results – Big Mike is asked how he slept last night – I think he’s humbled a bit as he answers – he’s not preening as much as in weeks past.

Crystal is asked what it is like to be the only girl left – she stumbles through a half-answer.  These Idols are not good at answering these sort of questions.  Casey’s ponytail looks hot tonight.  Sorry for that non-sequitur.  I’m just getting as much Casey-love as I can, since i think he is going home tonight.

On to the results!  Lee is first…you know he’s going to be safe immediately.  No drama here.  You know he has a big fan base, even if his performance was not as good as Big Mike’s.

Lady gaga is performing next – the song “Alejandro.”  I know I should love Lady Gaga.  She’s just a little bit too much for me.  Sorry.  Lose the costumes and just sing.  Love the dancers, though.   But I think I like Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s version better.

More Harry Connick, Jr footage.  Do you think maybe he’s trying for Simon’s job?  Best lines of the night occur during this video package – Harry Connick, Jr telling Casey’s Mom: “Your son is coyote ugly” or “He thought I was Chris Isaac!”  or telling the camera “it is not about them, it’s about me.”  And what was bleeped out about Big Mike?  And Harry asking Casey if he wants to party afterward….I wish every week were Harry Connick, Jr week!  He is too damn funny.

Next up is a performance but the funny man himself.  Harry now schools the Idols on how to  cover the Lennon-McCartney songbook.  How to take a Beatles song and make it something totally different.  Does he sound a little bit nervous?  Maybe he just realized how a little bit assy he came across during that last video package?  I mean that in a good assy way, kind of like a class clown.  This arrangement is cool.  LOVE how he intros the sax player.  Only classy singers do that…Lyle Lovett does that.  Now THERE’S a mentor – Lyle!  Come do Country week next season!!!

The Swaybots are in full swing.  Ugh.  I want Harry to bitch-slap them.  Or at least chastise them that they are off beat.

And now Harry does Ryan for a few moments, introducing the next group sing!  Love it!  Will this be live or Memorex??  Can’t tell….anyone?  Thoughts?  Something tells me Harry would not be cool with lip-synching.  This might actually be live.

Harry needs his own talk show.  He really is funny and can tell a story.  He should mentor the Idols on answering questions as well as singing!

Finally, back to results!  Crystal is up next.  And instead of giving her a safe or Bottom 3, she’s told to stand near the piano.  Were divvying the Idols up, people!  I bet they will make Lee pick one group vs. another to chose who is safe.  Mike and Aaron are paired together; Crystal and Casey are paired up as well.  Casey looks pretty centered.  Like he knows he’s going home.  Lee is so not going for picking who is safe and who is not – good for you, Lee!  I love how Casey and Crystal have no emotion for being safe.  Casey is probably stunned and Crystal is just too cool to get excited.

After the break, we learn that Aaron is going home.  Aww…he looks so sad.  But I love how Mike and Aaron have an extended hug.  Aaron did so much better than anyone thought he would.  But I can’t deny that I am happy with the final four.  I have no problem with Big Mike, Casey, Crystal and Lee dueling it out now.  Of course, I want Casey to make the top 3….but for now, I am OK.  One more week of man-candy!  Yea!

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  • Devin

    I believe Harry joked that “Big Mike is an asshole.” That killed me! So funny! As did his “Not hitting her!” defense during his Sinatra story when he said he was being mean to Jill cuz he was nervous. Best. Mentor. Ever. This may have been my fave results show ever, too. Like you, I typically hate them, but I loved this one just because we got so much Harry Connick Jr goodness! I so adore him! And if we must lose Simon, who I love, I would love to see Harry take that role. But I don’t think he’s mean enough. :)

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