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AI Top 5 – How mad am I that no one did “It Had To Be You”??

Word on the street is Harry is arranging the songs tonight – do you think he’ll sabotage anyone by making a bad arrangement?  He is crazy talented. When Harry is introduced, he makes Ryan look positively….say it with me: Lilliputian.   I love that he is accompanying the kids.  Something tells me we will not be hearing a Sid Vicious version of “My Way.”  For a second I thought Ryan was introducing Harry Connick Jr’s daughters in the audience, but no, they are Frank Sinatra’s daughters.  Simon look genuinely moved that his daughters gave him one of their father’s hankies.  Awww, Simon has a soul!

When Harry met Aaron (how many times are we going to hear that pun tonight?): Aaron Kelly is doing “Fly me to the Moon.”  Harry is giving very real advice, advice that probably does not translate to the general public, it’s pretty technical.   He’s nervous, I think, when he sings the beginning of this song with such a sparse arrangement, but he does grow into it.  His hair looks so much better not spiky!  This is pretty straight up, simple phrasing, nothing offensive, nothing great, though.  Aaron is the epitome of uncool, the opposite of Frank, the bizarro-world Frank, if you will.  There is nothing cool about this performance at all.  And it is so lacking in syncopation….no swing.  But it was in tune so I give him credit.  Harry looks upset when Randy starts talking –like he’s going to kick someone’s ass if they something bad about Aaron.

So, how tall was Frank Sinatra?  According to, he was 5’ 7”.  There is no way Aaron is 5’ 7”, Kara.

Casey James is next with “Blue Skies.”  I love the Lyle Lovett version of this song –it’s so ironic and sardonic.  Casey gets a pimp interview and Harry comes in and gives him grief – I am right there with Harry: “Don’t screw this up, Casey!!”   He starts off a little off-pitch.  It needs to pick up speed more…it’s a little flat.  Oh Casey.  No, no, no… this is not good.  I will say, this is the “biggest” he’s ever sung and it’s a complicated arrangement – not everyone could pull this off.  But it was odd.  Oh, honey, I am speed dialing for you tonight.   The judges hated it.  Kara calls out his goaty-ness (aka, the Eddie Vedder-ness).  Harry is a fan of Casey and vouches that he sounded better 2 hours before during rehearsal.

Apparently, Harry Connick Jr is very funny, who knew?  New drinking game – anytime Harry says “bro,” drink.

What the french is Anthony Hopkins doing in the audience?  Does he have an upcoming movie?  WTF?  Is he wearing a Wrist Strong bracelet?

Up next: Crystal Bowersox, she is singing a song I have not heard before: “Summer Wind.”  Harry has no words for her.  He thinks she’s great as is.   HOLY BATMAN SUNFLOWER that is a huge tat on your back Crystal!  Not that it is unexpected.   She sounds great – she does not seem comfortable up there, but so far, she is the best tonight.  She is just head and shoulders above everyone else.  Crystal – stop talking back to the judges.  Can’t believe the judges are not giving her a tongue bath on this.  And she still talks back to the judges…it’s like Siobhan passed the crazy talk-back trait after she was voted off last week.

OK, Big Mike, let’s bring this up a notch.  You are not my favorite by a long shot, but you always deliver a good performance.  He’s doing “The Way You Look Tonight.”  Big Mike gets a mini pimp interview.  Harry says “Bro” twice in one sentence!!  Drink, drink!!!  New party game!  Harry tells Mike to sing this to his girl, like she looks fricking fantastic.  I’ll give Mike this, he does know how to do cool.  And he does the song very well.  I loved that.  Cool, in tune, great phrasing – loved it.   Still not going to vote for him, though.

Every time the judges mention the arrangement on Big Mike’s I wonder if Casey is silently cursing under his breath for having Harry give him a shitty arrangement.

OK, Bob – this next paragraph is for you:

Lee.  Seriously.  We need to talk about style.  Even Casey stepped it up this week, trading in the white shirt/jeans combo for a natty vest/pants combo.  But you, Lee?  Must you always wear the skinny tie with a jacket where you’ve rolled up and/or pushed up the sleeves and an untucked shirt?  Sigh.  Would it hurt to wear a suit for Frank Sinatra week?

Ok, fashion critique over – Lee is singing “That’s Life.”   Harry thinks Lee looks like a better version of himself.  Ummmm….no.  Sorry, Lee fans – I’m not feeling the cuteness – I still feel like Lee could beat me up if he wanted to.   LOVE how Harry fucks with Lee by telling him he was not good – it’s as if no one told Harry that Lee is the kid with no confidence.  I actually didn’t write much during Lee’s performance, because I have no idea what to think of it.  It was good, he sounded great.  But the arrangement was odd to me – a little un-rhythmic (if that is a word) and lumbering.  But I think he did it well.   I would put him second next to Mike tonight.  Wow, the judges are RAVING.  I still do not like to look at him when he is singing.   And I think Big Mike was better.

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