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AI Top 6 Results – A Very Special Episode of Punky Brewster.

What’s worse than a results show?  A results show for an AI performance week that I wasn’t all too thrilled with.  In retrospect, Shania Twain week was bland for me – no one had a true “moment” (although Casey came close).  And while I like Shania, I could have maybe done with an all-Reba night.  Hell, I’ll admit it – I just want SOMEONE to do Reba’s “Fancy” on Idol.

Why is Shakira singing during country week?  Lady Antebellum and Rascal Flatts I can understand, but the “My Hips Don’t Lie” gal?  Not so country.

Rascal Flatts is up first – not a huge fan of the Flatts, I must say.  This song is going to put me to sleep, so fast-forward, I will!  Sorry guys – I know I am from Texas and I should like Country more, but if it ain’t Dolly, Willie or Lyle, I lose interest.   The lead singer look like he’s wearing a shirt Casey should be wearing.

Ryan mentions Shakira and Rascal Flatts will perform together later in the show.  Ah, Shakira and Rascal Flatts together – you’ve got your peanut butter in my chocolate!  No, you’ve got your chocolate in my peanut butter!  Who are we kdding? It’s two great tastes that taste great together.

Six minutes in and we still have not seen the Idols until the Ford Commercial., which has something to do with vampires.  I Bet Siobhan is LOVING this.  Craig is too – he loves Vampires.  Well, that was silly – lots of make-up and contacts for not much effect and Big Mike ends up fending off the vampire Idols with extra garlic.

On to the results!  Wait!  False alarm!  It’s a shill for the new Shrek movie.  Banter with Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz ensues, blah, blah, blah.  Next!

NOW, on to the results.  Siobhan is first – lots of heaping praise again.  She says it was “wicked cool” to sing a Shania song in front of Shania.  She heads to the far left side of the stage.  Aaron is next – again, repeat of the praise from last night.   Aaron goes to the center of the stage.  Michael Lynch is next – He waves to his “people.”  Simons tried to describe what the British term “wet” means.  Doesn’t succeed.  Michael stands on the opposite side of Aaron, next to Ryan.  Lee is next.  He explains he initially did not want to do “You’re Still The One” but changed his mind later.  Lee is asked to stand next to Siobhan.  I’m not sure how they are separating everyone tonight.  Casey is paired with Michael.  Crystal is asked to stand next to Aaron after Ryan asks the judges if she should be nervous for her performance last night.

Siobhan is asked to stand next to Casey and Michael and they are the Bottom 3.  That was an awkward making of the Bottom 3.

Carrie Underwood is up next, introducing some new band, Sons of Sylvia.  It’s like power-country pop.  Not liking this so much – it’s Emo-Country.  Ick.   Tivo to the rescue!

This week’s results show is all about the other artists’ performance…where was the group sing lip synch?  Lady Antebellum is next – I thought the girl in Lady Antebellum was blond?  Shows you I am so not into what the kids are listening to….

Next week’s theme is Sinatra!  Harry Connick Jr is mentoring.  Love it!

Shakira and Rascal Flatts are next – this should be an odd combo.  Shakira is playing the harmonica.  My god, just looking at her earrings make my neck hurt.  Shakira always sounds like she needs to clear her throat, like there is a fair amount of phlegm in her voice.  I want to make her cough.  I’m fast-forwarding through this.  But I stop it just in time to hear Shakira give a Casey Kasem quote to Roosevelt (WTF?) about stars.  Whatever.

Back to the results.  Love how Ryan asks Mike how it feels to be back in the bottom 3 again (“Well, I think it sucks” should have been the answer).  Ryan fakes out Mike and he is sent back to the couches first.   It’s down to Casey and Siobhan.  I don’t want Casey to go and honestly, I don’t want Siobhan to go yet, either.  But between the two, she is annoying me more each week.

When they come back from the break, we find out Siobhan is going home.  Ryan says she has a great work ethic and a laser-like focus.  Laser-like focus?  I’m afraid I have to disagree on that – she was all over the map as of late with her singing.  And her “I’m Quirky” constant labeling was growing a little bit tired (as we see again in her goodbye package, where we are reminded of her Punky Brewster persona from the auditions).  Just because you SAY you’re quirky does not make it so. She chooses “Think” as her sing-out song and it’s OK.  A little lackluster – she’s going through the motions…this is a defiant song and she’s smiling.  Oh, Siobhan – I know you can hit those crazy notes…you just need to learn what to do with that big voice before you can get better.  Question of the week: if Big Mike had not been saved, would they have saved Punky?  Only Simon knows for sure….

4 comments to AI Top 6 Results – A Very Special Episode of Punky Brewster.

  • Devin

    Didn’t Carrie Underwood sing “Fancy”? I feel like someone has sung it in the past, but I’m not exactly sure…
    Loving the Punky Brewster comparison!
    And seriously – what is up with Casey being in the Bottom 2???

  • AnneFrancisco

    I don’t think anyone has sung Fancy…I would have DIED! that is an all-time favorite song……

  • Devin

    Granted, it’s Wikipedia, but I think this is right. They say Pickler sang it, and I do recall that: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fancy_(song)

  • AnneFrancisco

    Well if it was Kelly Pickler, then I blacked it out. I hated her. That s such an awesomely bad song to sing….Can’t believe I don’t remember it!

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