April 2010
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AI Top 6 Results – A Very Special Episode of Punky Brewster.

What’s worse than a results show? A results show for an AI performance week that I wasn’t all too thrilled with. In retrospect, Shania Twain week was bland for me – no one had a true “moment” (although Casey came close). And while I like Shania, I could have maybe done with an all-Reba night. [...]


AI Top 6 – Insert Country Joke here

AI Shania Twain week! I usually hate country week – something tells me I am not going to like t much more when it’s just “Shania Twain” week. Country music even more narrowly defined. Yea.

The intro for this week’s show is over the top; everyone lined up while Ryan describes them: “A Painter, a [...]


AI Top 7 Results – TIMMEH!

Idol gives back…and it takes away. As in, it takes away 2 hours of your life and never gives it back.

Obama is in da house. And he tried to imitate Randy with “you’re all my dawgs” stuff. Michelle Obama comes across much better with her chiding Simon to be nice.

Now, you all know [...]


AI Top 7 – Idol Gives Blecch.

It’s Inspirational week! I usually hate this week on AI – it usually inspires nothing in me but to gag for the poor song choices and over blown dramatic vocal acrobatics that invariably follow. But I do love Alicia Keys! She has a great voice, a great spirit – if anyone can save AI inspiration [...]


AI Top 9 results show – Idols give back one week early (by voting off the right people)

Results show. God how I hate you. We get the recap of last week and the Big Mike save (and again, we get to see how unenthusiastic the other Idols are that Big Mike made it through – but, less I share the wrath of Rainey – Go Big Mike!). Adam puts all into perspective: [...]


AI Top 9 – Rainey Quinn is in the building!! Elvis, though, has left.

I’m watching American Idol this week with a very special guest star – Rainey Quinn! Eight-year-old AI savant Rainey is the daughter of our AI Pool, Amy Gentry and boy does she love Justin Beiber. I will be asking her opinion on all of the Idols as we watch and relaying them to you, my [...]


AI top 9 Results show – Shocking! Shocking, I tell you!

Confession to make – I hate results shows so much, I actually “watched” the first 23 minutes while drinking a glass of wine, reading the latest Newsweek and NOT WRITING A DAMN THING. Then I realized I should probably write something…so I am pausing it during Jason Derulo’s performance (admirably not lip-synched or pre-recorded) to [...]


AI Top 9 – Lennon/McCartney week finally redeems itself (a little).

Back from Dreamgirls! It was a good show, thanks, Amy! On to AI: when the Idols first walk out, all I can think is “Really, Siobhan? WTF are you wearing??” and that Casey looks hot in a white suit jacket. Aww – Macca actually recorded a nice little good luck note! But that was kind [...]


Kitchen Confidential of an Amateur Cook.

I went to lunch a week or so ago with a new friend, one with whom I am discovering I have a TON of common interests, and we started reminisce about Anthony Bourdain’s first tell-all book, Kitchen Confidential. I really see that book as a turning point for me. Before I read this book (in [...]


AI Top 10 results show: the night we find out how much Ryan weighs.

It’s 10:05 as I type this – I’ve knocked out a few emails, made a few calls, and I now find myself able to take a moment and watch the results show from last night. Even if I am late with the recaps – you will still get the recaps! I am adamant about giving [...]